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By , November 18, 2009 1:10 am

In addition to the stables, dairy and homestead there are a number of other working sheds on the property. There are four haysheds, a machinery/workshop, an older machinery shed, a wool-shed with sheep yards, a second sheep yards and two cattle yards.

The shearing shed was rebuilt in 1960 from an older one on the same site. Many of the large posts were re-used in the new shed as well as the “overhead gear” (i.e. the machinery which drives the shearing clippers known as “hand-pieces” ) once powered by steam in the old shed . Before that time hand shears were used and in one of the posts one can see 9 small holes which represented 10 sheep shorn so that “tallies” of 100 were recorded for each shearer. A peg was placed in each hole after 10 sheep had been shorn and after the 9th hole had been filled, 100 sheep had been shorn. Prior to the building of the original wool-shed the sheep were shorn in the open, down at the creek where the remains of an old yard, well and dip can still be seen in the “dip” paddock.

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