“Ode to Godolphin” by Kevin Pye

By , September 27, 2011 5:41 pm

Kevin and Narelle stayed in The Dairy in September 2011. Kevin is a popular bush poet who has published six volumes of poetry and a number of his poems have been used as lyrics by country and western singers. We are pleased he took the time and interest to write the following poem about our property during his stay with us.

The Cornish Settlers Glasson
came to Byng in thirty eight
Where John and Richard ventured
into mining from that date.
Then Richard moved up valley
due to a brothers’ clash of wills
To build Godolphin homestead
mid the verdant, rolling hills.

Solid stables still remain
as a sign of yesteryear
With romance in their story
each historian should hear.
Can modern minds imagine
the old pioneers’ sweat and blood –
The convicts and their horses
building walls of Ophir mud.

Can we sense the children working
in their school below the loft?
See fingers to their noses
when Stable smells begin to waft?
Maybe the tutor struggled
in an atmosphere like that
With eighteen young grandchildren
and resident shingle rat!

The carriage shed was added
and a blacksmith’s anvil rang
But time has brought its changes
to the echo of the clang.
Like the Dairy and the Meat Room
where I came a while to stay,
The Stables welcomes visits
where the ghosts of Glassons play.

Five generations later,
Tony Gordon is the Squire
And the old folk lie at rest
on the hillside fenced by wire.
The past season has been kind
and the stock are in their prime –
Richard Glasson’s ‘Godolphin’
is a splendid test of time.

Kevin Pye
26 September 2011

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