Climate and Pasture Growth

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To get different configurations by year or paddock  for Feed on Offer (FOO(in Kg Dry Matter/ha) ), Total Dry Matter (TDM,Kg DM/ha)  or pasture growth rate (PGR, Kg/ha) cut  and paste into the URL bar the following link:   Western of Byng and Gordon Roads     East of Byng and Gordon Roads

A typical output of both FOOD and TDM  for 2 very dry years (2005 and 2006) and one very wet year (2010)  is

shown below. Thte current year (2016) is looking to be a drought year.


Feed On Offer in years 2010 (wettest) , 2005 and 2006 (driest) and in 2016 Until April10

The results for both FOO and TDM in 2016 to mid April are compared to these same three years in the fours charts below. (Note the scales on each chart are different !)  April-May is a critical period to have good soil moisture in this region as with the advent of frosts and low daytime temperatures around this time there will be little pasture growth even if good rain is received after the end of May.

FOO &TDM for 2016 compared to drought & wet years




For a review of a century or more  years of weather records for the property and district click on Climate for Godolphin.

The only surviving records of rainfall taken at either Godolphin or Cadira come from 1942 are shown below. Recordings  since May 2006 have been collected using an automated weather station.

Rainfall Godolphin & Cadira selected years


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