“Today, Tomorrow” by Bill Glasson

By , September 28, 2011 7:37 pm

The following poem was written by Bill Glasson ( Qld) about Kate follwing the Glasson re-union at ”
Godolphin” on 21 April 1990.

Today, Tomorrow

At our re-union, not so long ago
A friendly little cousin said “Hello,
I’m Katie Gordon.” and her lovely smile
Will brighten up my days for quite a while.

Her hair so soft, hung down in golden curls
Around her face so fair. Her teeth like pearls,
And when she smiled her eyes were smiling too,
Like morning sunlight sparkling on the dew.

In ten years time I hope to wander back
To where the poplars line “Godolphin” track;
And on that family re-union day
I hope a lady wanders up to say
“I’m Katie Gordon.”

She’ll have lots of charm
And have young men’s hearts pounding with alarm.
Not only beautiful, I’m sure she’ll be
One of the finest of our family tree.

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